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School Safety & Security


School security encompasses all measures taken to combat threats to people and property in education environments. One term connected to school security is school safety, which is defined as the sheltering of students from violence and bullying, as well as exposure to harmful elements such as drugs and gang activity.

School Security Guards               School Police Officers              Event/Sports Security


Executive Protection


Executive protection (EP), also known as close protection, refers to security and risk mitigation measures taken to ensure the safety of VIPs or other individuals who may be exposed to elevated personal risk because of their employment, high-profile status, net worth, affiliations or geographical location.

Short Details      Overnight Details       Government        High Net Worth (HNW) Persons




Investigation, examination, inquiry, research express the idea of an active effort to find out something. An investigation is a systematic, minute, and thorough attempt to learn the facts about something complex or hidden; it is often formal and official.

 Residency Confirmation            Mobile & Digital Forensics              Missing Persons


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