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 About Us_ 

Who are Executive Security Services and Tactical Development LLC?

  A group of local security professionals and IT specialists with extensive and documented careers recognized a void in the security services available and locally operating in the Lehigh Valley. Security in the Lehigh Valley often consists of large or medium size companies servicing multiple markets from some distance away. The lack of a local presence lends itself to a disconnected operation with zero vested interest in the local community.  

Executive Security Services and Tactical Development, LLC, herein referred to as (ESS), was built by seasoned law enforcement professionals who have served in local communities for decades, and for the community in which they and their families live. It is designed to be a full-service entity to functionally meet the array of needs of our clients. We empower individuals by providing tools and training that was previously available only to those in law enforcement which may have required extensive expenditures and travel. 

            Executive Security Services & Tactical Development LLC, specializes in:

  • Armed and/or unarmed security

  • Training and development with respect to firearms & unarmed self defense

  • Executive Protection 

  • Risk Assessment 

  • Facility Security

  • Discrete private investigative services

  • Building and operations security assessments

  • State of the art camera surveillance assessments and installations with local or remote 24/7 monitoring

  • K-9 explosives and drug detection

  • Card and biometric access design and implementation


  Due to the current COVID-19 environment in which we live, Executive Security Services offers schools, business', or private citizens Health & Safety Plans. This is an very fluid pandemic, we have the expertise and assist you in navigating through these unprecedented times. Updated CDC regulations, employee wellness checks, signage, and security are all an integral part of todays school, workplace, or houses of worship.


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